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Solution Providers

Success Story #1 - Rotational-Molded Kayaks

McCann's cutting-edge compounding and proprietary formulation technology achieves better color consistency, allows more color options and improves processability while also significantly reducing the total product cost. (See Rotational Molding)

Success Story #2 - Computer Components

McCann's proprietary anti-static solution replaces complex, expensive computer component lowering the total part cost by 80%.

Success Story #3 - Lawn Furniture

McCann's unique pre-blending capabilities in tandem with access to low cost designed resin systems results in a highly-filled system that provides more consistent color, excellent dispersion and outstanding physical properties. (See Engineered Polypropylene Solutions)

Success Story #4 Boat Hulls

McCann's rotomolded compound brings consistency, facilitates processing and reduces scrap rates enabling client to manufacture boat hulls up to 24 feet long. In addition, our solution also enhances physical properties including higher impact and increased stiffness. (See Rotational Molding)

Experts with Plastics

Laboratory: Complete physical testing and analytical services designed to fully support our zero defect quality control program and formulation development activities.

Research and Development: Applying innovative thinking solves production, performance, and cost issues yielding better products, improved processibility, and lower total cost solutions. We also provide proprietary formulation and process development to assist our client bring added-value to market.

Advanced Production Control: Systems that provide precise and immediate feedback that is crucial in producing a quality product so good it's guaranteed. At McCann we truly are experts in plastics compounding.

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