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Engineered Polypropylene Solutions

At McCann Plastics we custom formulate and engineer every product to meet the unique performance requirements of each client.

By using various fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc and mica along with polymer modifiers, antioxidants, UV stabilizers and other specialty additives; products can be designed to significantly raise the cost-benefit performance of polypropylene resins:

Physical Properties

Reduced Shrinkage Improved Heat and UV Resistance
Increased Stiffness Improved Processability
Higher Temperature Stability Faster Cycle Times

Below are only a few examples of markets and applications, but we always encourage dialogue to discuss any new project!


Automotive heating ducts, door handles, wheel well liners, covers, trays, fan shrouds
Construction pump housings, shutters, siding, housings and covers, trim, vents
Consumer Durables lawn furniture, power tools, appliances, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, sporting goods
Electrical/Electronic small appliance housings, electrical boxes, wirenuts, covers

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